Monday, October 09, 2006

Dinner for one

Left on my own for dinner a little while ago, I had the above. Baked Blooming Glen sweet potato with a smear of Earth Balance, short grain brown rice cooked in a mixture of veggie broth and butternut squash soup (hey, it's what was in the fridge), and Nanny's Green Tomato Relish (scroll down) made with Blooming Glen onion, green tomatoes and red and green peppers. So pretty, so nutritionally balanced, local, organic and veg*n. Yup, that's me.


Honestly, usually when left to my own devices at meal times, I chase pieces of chocolate from the fridge with red boxed wine in front of the computer. Then I feel bad about my poor nutritional choices, put the wine down, remove myself from the interweb, walk back to the kitchen and tell myself that I'll heat up some leftover stir fry.

Once the refrigerator door is opened again though, the chocolate jumps back into my mouth as I grab some type of spreadable or dip-able or melt-able object (hummus, salsa, cheese) and make my way over to the pantry for crackers or hardtack or bread or blue corn tortilla chips. Then, I head over to the counter near the sink and eat out of the containers for a minute or two. Packing everything back up, I usually realize that I need a little sweet to finish off that salt, so I grab a big spoonful of ice cream (no bowl needed) to eat on my way back to my wine and computer.

I don't know what came over me on this particular night, but I actually made a decent meal and SAT AT THE TABLE WITH UTENSILS to eat it. I still drank my boxed wine, though. And, I maybe had a piece of chocolate, too. Hey, let's not get crazy here :)


Anonymous said...

posts like this are why I love you. i mean, there are other reasons. (I swear) but this is good stuff.

wheresmymind said...

Boxed red wine and chocolate sounds great right now!

Vicki said...

what a cute post - you're funny! dinner for one looks delish. we are HUGE Ravenswood fans here & usually go for the cabernet sav. -- we visited their winery several years ago. good stuff!

Anonymous said...

oh no. i do the same damn thing. truthfully, i've made a meal for myself before, but never hunkered down with utensils and a table.

you're crazy!

Anonymous said...

boxed wine rocks! I hear it's better for the wine!

Tim Rice said...

The picture of the meal looked delicious and chocolate is always good!