Tuesday, November 07, 2006

CSA crop share 25

So. Sad.

The last Blooming Glen CSA pick up of the season :(

It just doesn't look like it's finished, does it? That's a big, yummy, colorful share. Heck, it's bigger than the the first one we got in May.

You know, if Tricia and Tom really loved us, they would've slowly weened us beginning a month or so ago, so that by this week we would have each received a half rotted onion, a couple rabbit-chewed heads of lettuce and a handful of gnarly carrots. Instead, they continued to give us huge, beautiful lots of produce up until the last week.


We'll be waiting not-so patiently BG - have a great winter!

PS: You all voted today, right?!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i know... the farmers market closed last month and i'm lost without flavorful produce. yours is tougher i'm sure... look at that beautiful loot!

also, yes mom i voted!