Tuesday, November 28, 2006

McCooles skarpifny night

Some girlfriends and I recently visited McCoole's at the Historic Red Lion Inn in Quakertown. McCoole's is a great little historic place on the corner of Broad and Main in Quakertown. Their tag line is "Upscale atmosphere for the working person's wallet." That's definitely the vibe they have going. It reminds me of a place your parents would've taken you to celebrate a birthday or Father's Day. It's elegant, but not luxurious.

I've eaten in the dining room before, this time our primary mission was snacks and drinks, so we opted for the bar area. The inn was recently renovated and is quite warm, very welcoming and absolutely has that old, upscale saloon feel. The walls are all wood paneled in rich tones, the foyer is deep with layers of tile, plants and comfy yet period-appropriate furniture. Most importantly, the service is brilliant.

The bartenders and waiters are helpful and fun (besides the usual veg*n questions, we had celiac ones as well), and the service is quick. Our chef even came out to hand deliver one of our dishes. Do you know why chefs jackets have a pen-holder pocket in the sleeve, not the chest? Hmmm...

This particular group of ladies are my first and only "girlfriends." I have girls that are friends, of course, but never had I, a complete set of honest-to-goodness girlfriends, until these four. You know that group of chatty, laughing, silly girls who talk about boys and relationships and sex, and now also about husbands and children and homes? The ones who go out for Girls Night? Yeah. Never had 'em.

That is, until I met these fine women when we worked together five years ago. They are the most intelligent, ridiculous, confident, honest, caring and passionate women I've ever met. Seriously, they rock. And they introduced me to what all this hubub about having girlfriends and a Girls Night is. It's just fun! :)

So, that's four of the five skarpifny ladies. Nancy, Stefanie, me and Emily went out and toasted our other member Ellie, who abanded us for a boy in North Carolina ;)

And what is this skarpifny I speak of?

It's our gang, yoh.


We had some dee-lish food including a Roasted Vegetable Salad that was chock-full of roasted vegetables (not just a couple thrown on top), a Roasted Pepper and Eggplant Napolean and duh, french fries :)

The menu is extensive, and the staff seemed more than willing to adjust any item to suit tastes and needs. You can check out the whole menu here: http://www.mccoolesredlioninn.com/menu.html. But honestly, brussel sprouts were the vegetable of the day and they have Spaten on tap. What else do you need?

McCoole's at Red Lion Inn
4 S Main Street
Quakertown, PA 18951

PS: After McCoole's, these vests were liberated by Emily and Nancy from the shadowy grips of Stef- er, ahem, someone's closet. For the record, would you please assure her that they will never be back in style?


wheresmymind said...

Those vests look like a 3 martini idea ;)

Jenn said...

as they are nope !
but should you fray the edges - add a bronzy button down shirt and a high waisted belt- peekaboo shoes, pencil skirt and tights -- well then it took too much to get it all stylin - and then i think - maybe on for thanksgiving would that even be appropriate - and then if you are dressin in theme - ummm you are outta fashion- so to m's point - loose the vests !!!

Jenn said...

the rest looks like fun ! every girl needs girls night ! :D

Kelly said...

I had such a rotten experience at McCoole's. My meal had been sitting around forever before I got it (the sauce had a thick skin on top and the veggies were cold), and our waitress disappeared for stretches of time. We unfortunately didn't feel very welcome, but maybe they've gotten better.

And yes, the vests will never come back in style. God-willing.

JAM*tacular said...

Wow Kelly, I'm really surprised to hear that. I've had a great experience both times I've been there. I know that they switched ownership; maybe you were there at an in-between time? Give it a try again next time you're around - maybe we can meet for drinks :)

:) Mikaela

jenny said...

I go past that Inn whenever I go the back way to Philly, I didn't realize it was a fun place to go!

I agree that the vests will not ever be back in style!