Thursday, February 01, 2007

Dressing room no longer the messing room

One of my 43 things is to organize my closet; my closet is actually the smallest "bedroom" in the house, so we call it the dressing room.

It makes me feel so fancy when I say that. "Check the dressing room, dahling." Of course, it also makes me laugh, considering the fact that the dressing room is located in a small, falling apart (but very loved!) 80-year-old suburban rowhome - that was built with only one closet :)

Anyway, this past gray Saturday afternoon, I grabbed some coffee and the laptop and headed upstairs to rearrange, get rid of stuff and clean up. I spent three hours up there; a long time, but so worth it. It wasn't terribly disorganized or overcrowded before, but it is thoroughly organized now. Four bags of clothes and other items were donated and I'm hoping to continue to weed things out.

Befores on the left, afters on right...

There's a photo stream on my flick'r page:

Now, I have to give credit where credit is due, for none of this was possible without the assistance of two amazing people: Ira Glass (three episodes of This American Life carried me through the afternoon) and our resident Super Geek at work (who fixed my wireless card which allowed said radio show to play upstairs, untethered by cable). Thanks, guys! :P


Dori said...

Great organizing. I need to hire you to do my closet. Hope all is well, I'm glad that the changes you mention above is the best thing for you.

Anonymous said...

i saw this in person over the weekend and it *reeks* of tidiness. i love it!


*sniff sniff*

Emmy said...

Good job on organizing! It looks great :) Love your cool mask on the wall too.

Mikaela said...

You ladies are the best :)