Monday, July 16, 2007

OLS dinner 2007 04

Artichokes? In Pennsylvania? Really? And cute baby ones, to boot! Who knew?

One Local Summer 2007, Dinner Menu 04
  • The monster salad all started with a couple cute heads of baby romaine lettuce (bought at the Skippack Farmers' Market from Jack's Farm - 24 miles). I added shredded turnips, carrots and beets, sliced cucumbers and radishes (all from our Blooming Glen Farm CSA crop share - 5 miles), slices of banana peppers and a cherry tomato (both from our garden - 0 miles). I made a quick dressing of olive oil, vinegar and mashed cherries to drizzle on top. Nonlocal ingredients used: olive oil, vinegar.
  • Still working on those red cherries (bought by kah for me at her CSA, Pennypack, who imported them from Lancaster, PA - 84 miles) and yellow cherries (bought at the Indian Valley Farmers' Market from Windy Spring Farm - 15 miles).
  • Hop Devil IPA (Victory Brewing Company - 45 miles).
  • Boiled corn and artichoke (Jacks' Farm), and baked tofu (Fresh Tofu - 25 miles) on a bed of steamed Swiss chard (Blooming Glen) lightly sautéed in garlic (Jack's Farm) and olive oil. Nonlocal ingredients used: olive oil.
I'm still on the hunt for local protein in the form of beans, nuts and grains, so I decided to check out the Skippack Farmers' Market this weekend. Although I found no protein, I did find some goodies at the Jack's Farm booth, in the form of garlic, adorable artichokes and sweet-elicious corn. They each complemented my CSA share and garden veggies perfectly.

This week's meal started with a mission to consume much produce. We're leaving in a couple days for a mini holiday to see Falling Water and Kentuck Knob so I wanted to clean out the crisper drawers before we go. Once I saw the little heads of lettuce at the market, I decided that a salad would be the spotlight of our meal.

Seriously, we ate a ton of vegetables. And drank a lot of beer. Mom would be proud - of the vegetable part, I mean :) If you just can't get enough, there are a few more photos of this week's meal on flick'r, including one of my beet-stained food processor. Holy magenta.

OLS dinner number four is done, the fridge is cleaned out and I had just enough leftovers for my lunch and dinner today. Sweet!

PS: Check out my fellow regional OLS participant's super creative veg*n OLS meals from week three and week two. How clever is that girl?!


Faith said...

I had no idea Pennypack CSA was so close to where I grew up. I'm originally from the Willow Grove/Hatboro area, and so when I looked at the map I was like, Hey, I know where that is! Pretty cool, the stuff you find out.

I've never been to Falling Water but I have always admired it. Some day we'll have to make the trip. Enjoy your mini-holiday!

James said...

AWESOME!!! Simply freakin cool!!!

Mikaela said...

es, it's a small world, faith :)

Thanks, J!

seedling said...

The salad looks delicious. And I love how you used the cherries in the dressing- what a great idea.

leendaluu said...

Your posts make me consider being a vegan but I love cheese too too too much to be able to make the switch....

meresy_g said...

What a beautiful salad! Too pretty to eat almost. And Hop Devil? Evil, evil beer. When I lived in West Chester we used to go to Victory Brewing Company, which was in Downingtown. They had great brick-fired pizza at the restaurant attached to the brewery. Three Hop Devils even with pizza knocked me on my bottom. Maybe they've ratcheted down the alcohol content since then?

Mikaela said...

Thanks, seedling! I was putting cherries in *everything* toward the end of our supply :P

Give it a shot, leendaluu - maybe just decide to eat vegan once a week. See how it goes :)

I've never been to the brewery, Meresy - sounds fun, though!