Sunday, July 01, 2007


Jase and I scored two awesome tickets for a recent Phillies game. This was only the second time I've seen a professional baseball game live. The first was over a decade ago in Denver, at a stadium that, in my opinion, made the better move in naming itself after a beer instead of a bank.

Citizens Bank Park is well-designed, the bathrooms were clean and they serve local hot dogs and beers. The hard, plastic, tiny seats though, were truly sucky. It was incredibly hot and humid, and so when the clouds starting rolling in and the wind picked up, we were actually relieved.

The event was sold out thanks in part to it being a fireworks night. The game was tied in the sixth inning, it started raining in the ninth inning and Phillies won at the bottom of the tenth. The whole story is here - it was an exciting game!

And to make it even more enjoyable? Why, vegan beers and dogs, of course :)

Haha - I love it!


Anonymous said...


And Jase looks dapper in that collared shirt, yo. :)

bazu said...

Sounds like a good time- and yay for vegan beer and hot dogs! Yum.