Tuesday, October 23, 2007

CSA crop share 2007 22

We got some pretty cool radishes this week. Our choice of Daikon, watermelon, or the mysterious Nero Tondo, which is described as “round, black, hot” by our farmers.

(Click photo to read notes at flick’r regarding names and quantities of this week’s share.)

My sister thought the kale was looking especially happy this week, and I have to agree!

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PS: The cows were very interested in us this week. These pics by Avery:

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bazu said...

I love radishes, but I'm not familiar with all the different varieties. Last week at the farmers market, I picked up a ginormous winter radish, which was really hot! But cooked and colored pink with beet juice, it was perfect for some sushi rolls. It tasted good and looked like tuna!