Monday, February 18, 2008

Tofu Challenge: Baked Tofu Sandwich

Like just about everyone else I know, I was recently hit with a nasty cold. Working outside of the home and doing the mom thing while miserably sick means my kitchen (and gym!) get a break. For meals, quick and easy have been my MO, with a little bit of spice to alleviate the sinuses. I've had lots of soups and sandwiches, including this yummy creation of Fresh Tofu's baked tofu, Blooming Glen onion, spinach, roasted red peppers, homemade hot pepper spread, hummus and refried beans:

Because this tofu is already seasoned and processed, there's no reason to press, drain or marinade. Each package comes with four mini blocks, each of which I simply sliced "open" and heated in a non-oiled pan. I also grilled the bread, complet from Bakers on Broad, using a light coating of olive oil. There was no method to the rest of the ingredients -- I just scavenged the refrigerator. I'm pretty sure you already guessed that, though ;) The result was a filling and flavorful meal that, most importantly, didn't require too much strain on my foggy brain.

Although I prepare Fresh Tofu's baked tofu fairly often, this was the first time I added it to a sandwich -- something I'll definitely do again. The texture is perfectly dense, and the flavor very mild with just a hint of sesame, making it a perfect addition to just about any meal. I absolutely recommend also using it as salad topper; cut into tiny cubes and crisped in a dry frying pan, they provide a fantastic protein punch with great texture and taste. It's also great in stirfries, either sliced into strips or cubed.

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