Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Due to an unusual series of events, I've recently found myself in the company of three lovely credenzas. Actually, I suppose they're dressers, but I'm re-purposing them as credenzas. Specifically, I plan on re-purposing *one* of them as a credenza for the dining room in my small rowhome, but I'm not sure which one.

Ironically, this all started as a decluttering challenge at MotheringDotCommune. Yet somehow, I've managed to clutter my living space like never before.

I've set each of them up, snapped photos, asked the boyfriend and the son their opinions and considered each piece's pros and cons. And what do I have to show for all this effort? Confusion and doubt. At this point, I'm at credenza saturation.


Update Feb. 28: Check out the opinions at Apartment Therapy!


Taylor said...

Oh, I love these sorts of things. My vote is for the credenza with 9 drawers. It looks a little more elegant (they're all similar, though), and possibly a tad longer. The real clincher is that the other two have a visual line up the middle (between the drawers) pointing directly at the vase or whatever centerpiece may sit there that is visually unpleasant.

Mikaela said...

Excellent point about the center line of A and B - you're so right. C is 6" longer than A and 4" longer than B.

C was actually my first choice until I put it on the wall. Now, my hesitation is the slightly lighter-colored wood and the size. It fits, but just barely.

Thanks for your thoughts - seriously. Your fresh eyes are helpful! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey girlie. I love B. I just love the reverse pattern on the wood in the center of each drawer. :)


Sam said...

nine drawer one is too light - i know what your table looks like, too and i think the credenza is too light to go well with it. the "middle line" is not as obvious on the one with the pattern on the drawers and i think it offers an interesting visual. that's my vote. YM

Taylor said...

Well, if C is too long, it's too long.

They're all nice, so it's hard to go wrong any which way. Maybe you should resort to eeny meeny miney moe. That's my solution for really tough decisions! (And when it lands on the one you didn't want, you'll quickly decide on the one you wanted all along.)

Judy said...

I like the first one.