Wednesday, April 09, 2008


My monster turns 11 today. Eep! Of course, I can hardly believe it.

He brought in fruit kabobs for a class snack, and we put together favors for each of his classmates that includes a pencil case, some tchotchke and a party invitation. He was going for a penguin/sports theme, but alas, we were hard-pressed to find any skateboarding penguin pencils. Shocking, I know.

Tonight, we're off to a Sixers game, to which he we told him, he could invite a friend. We also invited that friend to sleep over. That's right, ON A SCHOOL NIGHT. Because we're awesome like that.

Sunday, we'll do the traditional dinner, gifts and cake at my mom's house. By the way, despite the awesomeness we JUST acquired with the school night sleepover, we're actually really mean because he has to wait FOUR WHOLE DAYS for his gifts. Poor baby.


Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahah! I texted that little man with a happy birthday message... STILL WAITING FOR A REPLY.

Mikaela said...

Hm. Not returning messages. Must get that FROM HIS MOM.

Totally kidding ;)

He actually lost his phone, but is receiving a new one on Sunday. We already have the new phone ready to go, so if you resend the message now, it'll be on the phone when he gets it :)

onkelo said...

11. whoa. I repeat, whoa.