Monday, April 07, 2008

Sasha & Digweed

My brothas' from anotha' motha', Sasha and Diggers. Uuuhn, so tasty!

The crackcrew was well-represented at the show by Mikey, Jess, Justin (who gets the I'm-old-and-leaving-REALLY-EARLY award), Brian, ChrisLe, Leah and L (who was imported especially for the occasion). I also ran into a blast from the past (always interesting), was totally impressed with the light show, and realized that I had not been to the TLA since a Violent Femmes show in like, 1994.

And listen, I know everyone everywhere should already know this, but on occasion a reiteration is in order:

L + M = awesome

We danced our totally sober asses off for nearly five hours, and were among the last to leave.

God damn... why exactly did we stop doing this every weekend?


Corman said...

I already said this to L but it bears repeating. Sober? YOU FAIL.

Anonymous said...

Why DID we stop doing this every weekend? Oh... because "sober" wasn't yet in our vocabulary...

insane scribbler said...
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