Friday, January 19, 2007


A happy Friday silly laugh for you: I don't know who Alexis is, but girl, let's hang out. Red wine, black and white kitty cats, ridiculous shenanigans - it's like we're sisters!

Check out my 43 Things list over there - "Finish reading Ishmael" is done! :D

Also? my kid's bike was stolen from our porch yesterday. See? To the right? Yeah. No bike.

Dood, I know! Totally blows. I realize that I've been on a mission to get rid of stuff, but this isn't exactly what I meant. Send some good lovin' vibes that the person who took it has a change of heart and puts it back.


Urban Vegan said...

Sorry to hear about the bicycle theft. Sucks. And it's so wrong.

SOMEBODY has some bad karma coming their way.

Emmy said...

Oh no! That's terrible the bike was stolen :( What's wrong with some people. I hope it turns up safe and sound.

Anonymous said...

ugh. sorry about ac's bike dood. it's so hard to *not* get mad... but you did right by teaching him the second agreement! (which i'm *obsessed* with now.)

yea alexis sounds right up our alley. you should email bomb her next time your drunk. cause apparently that's how you make new bff's.

wheresmymind said...

Man...what sorta troll steals a bike??

Mikaela said...

Bah ha hahahaa! You're the best, L! :)

Thanks for the consolations, guys - I'll pass them on to AC :)

Crystal & Ryan - Café Cyan said...

Bummer about your son's bike. When my brother's bike was stolen, my dad drove the streets until he tracked down the stealer. Boy was riding along with him intense! We found the bike and I bet that kid never steals a penny again after my dad was done with him (yeah, he's crazy).

BTW - eating out 3 times in one weekend is way too much for my system...we barely eat out 1 time a WEEK!

Mikaela said...
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