Tuesday, January 16, 2007

We base our life decisions on like, *really* important stuff

l: maybe we could pick a place to move *together*
m: and after ac is done college, we will all join pc!
l: yes, most def
m: where would we move?
how about canada?
or mexico?
l: hmmmm... i'd consider it.
mexico might be more my speed.
or shit
let's just go to costa rica
m: yeah?
l: dude, they have no army
m: bahahahahhaa
l: yea
m: falling off of the fucking couch!
l: they're all peaceful and shit
they just all smoke the cheeb
and surf
l: man... i'm so projecting like 10 years from now


Anonymous said...

we are so f-ing awesome it hurts.

oh yea.

hurts so good.

kellyann said...

no, pick canada! I've found 3 friggin awesome programs there and to enroll in one of them would need only the slightest push. like two painfully f-in awesome chicks nearby.

Jody from VegChic said...

LOL. You guys are so funny.

Way to go with Freecycle. I need to check out the local one and post some stuff there too.

Mikaela said...

K, I think we'll still keep Canada in the options pile. Maybe we could just do a couple years in each spot :)

Yes, Jody - check out Freecycle :)