Wednesday, May 30, 2007

CSA crop share 2007 01

Oh. My. Goodness. Life is just so good!

I picked up our very first crop share from Blooming Glen Farm in Perkasie today, which included some of the most luscious pick-your-own strawberries EVER.

(Click on the photos to see larger photographs and notes at flick'r.)

I can't say enough about Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Pick a soapbox -- fresh produce is healthier, local food supply is better, preserve land through agriculture, organic farming is needed, CSA shares are a great value for your grocery dollar, environmentalism through consumerism, support sustainability/durability of the planet, variety of produce is unbeatable -- then climb up on top of it and go buy a share at your local CSA this season. Check out Local Harvest for a place near you!


Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

It all looks so lovely! Did you eat any strawberries as you picked?

onkelo said...

so jealous! our first pick-up is this Friday (though I've been gorging on their pre-season greens for weeks now). bye-bye, grocery store, see you in November:)

frekur said...

The strawbs were luscious because you were picking them while on the phone with me. Let's be honest here.


Love you! :)

Emmy said...

Yay! I love seeing your CSA shares. I can only imagine how delicious those strawberries must have been.

Judy said...

Organic strawberries are so much better than regular ones, even the not-as-red ones are sweet. And about the post below - fish aren't animals, eh? I've never understood that logic.

Mikaela said...

Oh, Vicki - you *know* it! :)

Yay, onkelo!

You're sooo right, L :*