Wednesday, May 23, 2007

So why are we doing... all of this?

She, is amazing. For a lot of reasons. A ton, really.

Today though, she's amazing because when I told her, in a fit of awareness, that NONE OF THIS SHIT EVEN MATTERS - NONE OF IT!, it was not only something that she too benefited from hearing out loud, but also something to which she thoughtfully and beautifully added:

"You know... sometimes remembering that none of this matters is kind of sad. But sometimes... it's also kind of a relief."

Fuckin' a.

I love that girl.

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frekur said...

Dude. I fuckin' love you!

I mean, for real, this shit DOESN'T fucking matter. NONE.OF.IT.

And yea, I can get depressed sometimes because it's really sad that we're all just WAITING around for something... but then, it's a relief too, because I don't have to actually feel like BEING SOMEBODY. I can just live my dumb little life and be merry.


Well, so is not giving a fuck.