Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Second CSA pick up!

Man. This is awesome.

Arugala, turnips, spring mix, spinach, red lettuce, purple kale, spring onions, pac choi, beets, radishes, cucumber.

So. Pretty.

I'm not quite sure what to do with all these turnips and basil... Geez, they are beautiful, aren't they? I think that I may be encountering a crash course in preserving/canning produce.

In addition to the CSA bootie, I picked up a bunch of white radishes from Bolton's Farm. What was I thinking? I have a feeling that there will be radish salad in our very near future...

Speaking of Bolton's, the Blooming Glen is right down the street from them. I've combined our milk and egg pick up from Bolton's with the CSA pick up.

Okay. One final look at this week's score. I love looking at what I have "in stock" and going from there. Very empowering :-D

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