Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Third CSA Pick Up

We've got a big responsibility this week: Jason, Avery Cain and I have the entire CSA share for ourselves. Daddy-O and Brookie are at Fan Fair, which means no groceries for them!

bunch of basil
two kohlrabi
bok choy
swiss chard
spring onions
red radish
beans - sugar snap and/or snap
green head lettuce
spring mix

Oh boy. That's a lot of veggie love!

I made a radish salad with the radishes (the ones pictured here and the white radishes I had in the fridge), cucumber and toasted almonds. I dressed it with a mix of apple cider vinegar and olive oil with a few pinches of organic raw sugar. I had plans to make an orange and radish salad (recipe courtesy of dad), but didn't have all the ingredients on hand. I just couldn't justify going to the market and purchasing *more* produce. My neighbor, Peggy, suggested the simple one above, which turned out great :o)

And the rest? Lots of yummy green salads, a new love for fresh beets, steamed broccoli lovin' for AveryCain, using basil on everything and yet another failed attempt at cooking with swiss chard.


Oh swiss chard, why do I keep coming back to you? You're just so pretty (see? to the left?). I can't help but keep falling, tripping, stumbling into the illusion that I can make you taste good. I even planted you in my own garden this year! You make me vain, swiss chard, you make me vain and I'm afraid I've not given up on your temptations yet. People like this aren't helping, either.

Well, other than the swiss chard spell under which I've fallen once again, It's been great this week. But we're glad Brookie and Pops will be back to share next week!

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