Sunday, August 19, 2007

OLS dinner 2007 08

One Local Summer 2007, Dinner Menu 08
  • Homemade whole wheat flour tortilla tower (McGeary Organics/Annville Flouring Mill - 94 miles). Nonlocal ingredients used: baking soda, salt, canola oil.
  • First layer is lettuce (Blooming Glen Farm CSA crop share - 5 miles) and marinated and baked tempeh (Cricklewood Soyfoods - 28 miles). Nonlocal ingredients used: tamari, liquid smoke.
  • Second layer is sauteed yellow squash brought home from Rhode Island (Fisherman's farmers market - o miles), red pepper (Blooming Glen) and onion (Lancaster - 83 miles). Nonlocal ingredients used: olive oil, salt, cumin.
  • Third layer is sauteed corn, green bell peppers (both from Blooming Glen) and onion (Lancaster). Nonlocal ingredients used: olive oil, salt, cumin.
  • Topped with raw tomatoes (Blooming Glen and our garden - 0 miles).
  • And drizzled with Jason's homemade hot sauce (peppers from Blooming Glen and our garden). Nonlocal ingredients used: vinegar, cumin.
  • A chilled salad of raw lettuce, blanched string beans, raw onion (all from Blooming Glen) and raw tomatoes (from Blooming Glen and our garden).
  • Watermelon (Blooming Glen).
  • Whirlwind Witbier (Victory Brewing Company - 45 miles).
This was by far the most time-consuming, though absolutely the most delicious, OLS meal I've done. From the time I started mixing the batter for the tortillas until we sat down to eat, over four hours passed. Because we've been away, I had lots of random veggies both from RI and from the crop share to use up. It felt good to be in the kitchen after a couple weeks away from home, though I can't say I was thrilled to be spending such a large part of my Saturday cooking one meal.

I was trying to come up with a clever way to utilize the variety of produce when I started making the tortillas. This time, I borrowed my dad's pasta maker to roll them out. It worked beautifully, creating rectangular, uniform pieces of dough that I quickly realized would lend themselves wonderfully to a tortilla tower theme - perfect for incorporating my many vegetables!

While I diced and chopped and stir fried and rolled, Jase decided to try his hand at homemade hot sauce. I must say, it was super-nice hanging out and creating this week's meal together.

My next OLS meal will for sure be much lower maintenance. Cereal is sounding very good right about now :)


frekur said...

Dewd. That looks very very tasty! :)

Ben Garland said...

Are we all gonna cook for each other during xmas and nye??? I freakin hope so.

seedling said...

Wow, that looks amazing. You should get bonus points for the sheer number of local ingredients used!

James said...

A) SO Yummy!

B)dude...Dude..DUDE!!! Awesomeness!!! Thanks for the comment =)

Taylor said...

Four hours...but you managed to use every ingredient known to man! What an effort. Looks awesome.