Sunday, August 26, 2007

RI pictures

Whew! The last of the RI photographs have been flick'r-ed. I'm seriously taking forever to get my head out of this vacation. It was great to be away for two weeks, outside, in a tent and at the beach. Perfection.

We've done this camping trip to Fishermen's every year for the past 25-plus years, staying for 8 to 10 days each time. This year, we just couldn't stand the thought of having to pack up any sooner than we absolutely had to. Fishermen's has a maximum consecutive renting period of two weeks, so two weeks is was this year. And will be from now on.

It was during our last day or two that I realized I could've stayed away for another two weeks - and easily! It got me wondering, just how long would I have to be away before I started missing home? I often hear people saying about their vacation things like, "oh it was great, but I was ready to get home." Do you feel that? This trip made me realize that I never have. Of course, there must be a threshold, right? Maybe a month? Six months? A year?

I don't know what it is, but man, I'd love to find out. Anyone want to sponsor me? I'll travel about with my monster, you can make sure my bills are paid on time and my job will be waiting for me when (if?) we come back. I'll send postcards. A pictures! Any takers? :)


Ben Garland said...

What is "home" ?

Anonymous said...

Awww. I <3 that kid.

I think the only time I felt "ready" to come home was after three weeks spending ridiculous amounts of money in England. I mean, I could have stayed... but I needed more cash. ;)