Monday, August 27, 2007

OLS dinner 2007 09

This week's One Local Summer meal has been brought to you by the letter S: scrumptious squashed and stuffed spicy seitan!

One Local Summer 2007, Dinner Menu 09
  • Pattypan squash (DelVal College - 12 miles), stuffed a sauteéd mixture of the squash, seitan (Ray's Seitan - 37 miles), onion, red frying peppers, carrots, garlic (all from Blooming Glen Farm CSA crop share - 5 miles) and jalapeño (our garden - 0 miles). I spiced it up the hot sauce Jason made last week with peppers from Blooming Glen and our garden. Nonlocal ingredients used: olive oil, sage, thyme, black pepper
  • Boiled red potatoes (Blooming Glen) with with vegan buttery spread (Earth Balance - 117 miles).
  • Fresh, raw heirloom tomato slices and cucumber half-circles (Blooming Glen).
  • Whirlwind Witbier (Victory Brewing Company - 45 miles).
I was planning on not featuring the same beer or wine twice at any of these OLS meals, but this Whirlwind Whitbier is awesome. We had a few bottles left over from last week and instead of going out to pick up something new, we stuck with it. At this point, the I'm confident saying that it's my favorite Victory brew. I love white beers like Blue Moon and Hoegaarden, and Victory does a fine interpretation with this spicy cardamom and citrus blend. I didn't even know that Victory made a white beer - another unexpected benefit of OLS this year - and I think it's becoming my favorite local beer overall.

Ok, now to the food!

I'm overflowing with produce to the point that I'm storing some of our CSA and garden bounty on the dining room table. It looks pretty and takes care of a centerpiece, but I discovered an added benefit, as well. Because they're always in view, all week, I've been considering how to use the peppers, onion, garlic and potatoes in my meal. And when I saw some gorgeous pattypan squash at DelVal, I immediately put them in the context of that bowl on the table.

From the recipes I found online, patty pan squash seems to be traditionally stuffed with sausage, so I incorporated some sausage-y spices like pepper and sage into the seitan mixture I put together for our vegan dinner. I upped the hotness a bit more by using Jason's pepper sauce. I decided to serve the squash with very simple veggies that would cool all that spice. It was a great meal, and two squash fit perfectly into the toaster oven. Hooray for no super hot kitchen or preheating a giant stove!

Only one more week of OLS. I can't believe it!


Anonymous said...

No, two more weeks. Cause I want to do our OWN when I visit! :) :) :)

PS: These damn codes I have to type in to leave comments are getting LONGER AND LONGER every time, I swear!

Peg said...

Mikaela I really hope you're planning on continuing OLS in some fashion or another, maybe with Eat Local Challenge. You're an inspiration (even if I don't always make it to the finish line)!

Mikaela said...

Aw, thanks Peg :) You did awesome, too!