Saturday, September 23, 2006

Univest Grand Prix

(Check out that rainbow!)

Yes, the Univest Grand Prix is a world renowned bicycle race. Yes, it happens right here, in our front yard (well, a half block away from the front yard). Yes, it's sponsored by many local community-minded businesses. Yes, international professional cycling teams compete right next to beloved locals in the race each year. And yes, this gem of a race was born from the spirit of local Merrill Moyer, and has continued to grow larger, more exciting, and more challenging each of its nine years.

But really? The honest-to-goodness reason why people flock from all corners of earth to visit little Souderton each year? Yeah, it's is for the kids race. You know it :)

Avery ran into his super friend Alex during the sign up and line up for the race.

The kids race is separated into age groups, and takes place on part of the real race course (on Main Street).

I don't know if they declare an actual "winner," but I don't know that the kids even notice :)

The competitors gathered for a group photograph post race.

Avery also ran into super friends Danny and Benjamin at the race; here they're getting ready to be interviewed by a local television station (WFMZ).

Check out some links for this awesome race:
Then, mark your calendar and ready your cow bell for the Univest Grand Prix 2007 - we'll meet you there!

Univest Grand Prix:


Tim Rice said...

Great photos! Unfortunately, I couldn't make it for the kids' races. I had to be at work. So thanks for sharing. :)

And thanks for listing a link to my photos.

Jenn said...

looks like the little monster man had fun !