Saturday, July 29, 2006

Flowers and farmers

Jason, Cinder and I went to the Indian Valley Farmers Market this morning. Clearly, we do not need any more produce, but man... it was still hard to pass it all by!

We did get a perennial hibiscus and a white phlox (photo on left) from Ray's Greenhouse and two pounds of pasture-raised chicken breast from Deep Springs Farm.

We also stopped by Brumbaugh's farm stand (photos below), where they had some very pretty cut flowers, lots of hanging baskets, yummy vegetables and some early fruits. We got three stems of zinnia (one for Jase, Avery and Mikaela) and one stem of lisianthus (photo above right).

Oh, and even at 9am, it's freaking hot and humid here. Blech. I think we'll be hiding indoors, under a ceiling fan until the sun starts to go down this afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

turn on an air conditioner (just a little bit) - i can't keep coming over every evening to put cool cuttings on your belly (?!?!) - your momma