Sunday, July 02, 2006


Yesterday evening into night was a bit... peculiar. Or something. I don't know, it was kind of an "off" night that started with police trying to get into our neighbors' house and ended with dinner at 10pm. Everything's been a little strange around here lately.

Perhaps we've overdosed on the freedom of summer vacation. Both Jason and Avery are out of school and our whole schedule has changed. At first, we were giddy with thoughts of no bed times, no homework, no homework battles, approaching camping trips, taking bike rides, going to the ocean, having sleep-overs, playing video games, all those sweet, sweet treats summer vacation affords us. It's finally summer break! :-D

But now I'm feeling like, maybe we ate too many of those sweet, sweet treats too quickly because my belly kind of hurts. Celebratory drinking on weeknights for Jase and me, and sleep-overs that don't actually include sleep for Avery may be good in moderation, but we seem to have thrown that concept out the window. Maybe the same is true for the neighbors. Everyone seems a little edgy, a little cranky...

Of course, none of this has to do with conscientiously consuming, does it? No, it doesn't, but this does:

Bow chicka bow wow. Focaccia porn! Click the photos to make them bigger... go ahead, I know you want a close-up view.

On top of the focaccia bread from Bakers on Broad (picked up at yesterday's farmers market trip)There is a layer of olive oil (from the co-op), chopped beet greens (from BG) and a little sprinkling of soy cheddar and mozzarella cheese (from Clemens).

After that, I layered:
Whole basil leaves - from BG
Sliced tomato - from the farmers market trip
The cutest zucchini in the world - from BG
Choppped purple onion - from the farmers market trip
Chopped kale - from BG
Cut chives - from our garden
Cut rosemary - from our garden

To go with the sexy little focaccia, I sauteed the "purple string beans that turn green when you cook them" in some olive oil, kosher salt and lemon juice, and Jason did... er, something to the chicken. (If he would post here, he could tell you what he did, nudge nudge.) At 10pm, it was all done and we ate everything outside, at the picnic table.

And shot roman candles in the sky above our neighbors yard (The ones who know everything).

They shot some back, and we shared our leftovers.

I told you it's been weird around here!

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