Saturday, July 29, 2006

Kegger Jammer

So, Avery Cain is with his pops this weekend, and our neighbor asks us, "what are you going to do?"

"We're going to have a kegger jammer," said Jason.

Um, yeah.

Either that, or we're going to harvest our little garden.

See those pumpkins? How freaking sweet cheeks are they? Back in March, when we tore up the back yard, we moved the compost pile - literally a pile - into the spot that would be our garden, as a sort of fertilizer starter for our veggies.

The previous October, Avery and I picked up some adorable little pumpkins from a local roadside stand. They were cute decorations, then began to rot, then were deposited into our compost pile. Apparently, some seeds from the pumpkins did not decompose, but rooted themselves into our new garden instead.

Ironically, or interestingly, or whatever, the pumpkins are actually vining out of the garden, through the new fence, and over/into/through the for real compost bin (that was built using our old fence pieces).

Now, wtf to do with pumpkins in July?

PS: Although she didn't actually make a recommendation, my seester delivered a yummy eggplant lasagne-type thingie to me yesterday. I was especially excited because, since "re-becoming" an omnivore, she rarely makes veggie meals. We're big meal sharers, so Jason has been enjoying her awesome cooking all by himself. It was nice to enjoy a sister-made meal again. The lasagne was great - even the eggplant part!

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