Saturday, July 29, 2006

Sunny heads

They weren't pictured in this week's CSA Bootie Shot, but Avery and I picked a bouquet of flowers at Blooming Glen on Tuesday. Unfortunately, they were quite wilted by the time we got home. In addition to picking the flowers first (of course, we should have done all our other picking and saved the flowers for last), we have a couple other Tuesday stops (including a stop at Bolton's for local milk and eggs) after the CSA. Next time, we will havea jar with some water on hand. See, we can be trained!

Tricia wrote in the farm's newsletter this week:

"Even if we don't like the heat, the crops sure do, especially the gorgeous flowers. Speaking of which keep an eye out for the bright yellow goldfinches who perch on top of the sunflowers, munching on the seed heads."

Although we didn't see any finches, we saw honey bees on a bunch of the sunflowers - three on one even! The sweeties wouldn't stay still for a photograph, though :)

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