Saturday, July 01, 2006

Shopping for farmers

The momma, Brookie (who took these photos with her fancy cell phone) and I went to the Indian Valley Farmers Market in Telford this morning. After the insane quantity of rain pouring, pouring, pouring down on us the last couple weeks, it was especially nice to get outside and feel the sunshine on our shoulders. Speaking of sun...

The first vendor we visited was the Sunrise Sunflower Farm where I picked up sunflowers, an onion, broccoli and a pint of blueberries. It's quite possible that the woman running the stand has found a way to collect the sun from her flowers and inject it into her personality. She was smiling and laughing non-stop :o)

At RayÂ’s Greenhouse, I picked up some purple string greens. Have you seen these? They turn green when you cook them. Fun!

Next stop was Bakers on Broad. I got their incredibly delectable focassia bread that I plan on piling high with fresh local veggies and cheese sometime this weekend. Brookie got a sourdough loaf and an olive roll, and the momma got sliced multigrain and sliced rye.

At Deep Springs Farm, Brookie and I each bought a package of frozen chicken breast (she bought eggs, too). This is also where we learned that farmer Andrew Knechel, who took over Deep Springs about four years ago, rode a tractor to school at the end of one school year. That's just awesome :o)

Finally, we visited Windy Springs Farm where I saw zucchini whose size rivaled that of the Monster Zucchini from our garden. I picked up a tomato (already?!) and beets. I heart beets.

It was a great morning. I've heard people talk about the relatively small size of this farmers market (there are five farms represented). There is that "something" lacking in the air, I suppose. The excitement and loudness isn't there as it is at the Italian market or Reading Terminal market. But I've never left the Indian Valley market feeling like I needed anything more. I've always been able to pick up enough fresh and local goodies to last the week, and just as importantly, always been able to make a connection with the people responsible for those goodies :o)

Now, what do I have in the fridge to put on that focaccia...

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