Wednesday, June 28, 2006

CSA crop share 6

This week, we definitely got the cutest vegetables. Adorable little zucchini and marble-sized potatoes. Purple was another theme this week. There was radiccio, plum-shaded cabbage, red potatoes, beets, and we were surprised to see, vibrant purple scallions.

Brookie went with Avery and me this week. Right when we got there, it started to pour. Considering the seven inches of rain we'd received since Friday, this made for some interesting pick-your-own sugar snap peas :o)

This week:
two pints of sugar snap peas
two cucumbers
one bunch of scallions
head of red lettuce
one pound red potatoes
1/2 pound zucchini
bunch of carrots
handful of cilantro
handful of dill
bunch of basil
head of radiccio
head of cabbage
six beets
five fennel
1/2 pound of kale and/or swiss chard
3/4 pound of spring mix

Ok, I'll be honest. I totally let Avery and Brookie deal with the peas. Avery was already outside playing in the rain and Brookie had better foot gear, so I feel justified in my decision :o)

We're planning to go to the Indian Valley Farmer's Market this Saturday. I just read that our local bakery, Bakers on Broad (phone number is in the links section) has a table there, which is very cool! Also, I'm looking forward to seeing what Sunrise Sunflower Farm has to offer.

I heart the spring time!

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