Thursday, June 08, 2006

Milk and Eggs

Now, all we need is bread!

I mentioned a couple weeks ago, how our Bolton's pick up and Blooming Glen pick up have been working perfectly together. After we pick up our share from Blooming Glen, we stop by Bolton's to switch out our milk bottles (Penn View Farms in Perkasie) and grab a carton of organic local eggs (Alderfer's Farm in Harleysville). Bolton's is actually a free range turkey farm, but they have a little market that carries other staples like milk, eggs, jellies, trail mixes, etc. Tuesday is beginning to be our favorite feel-good-by-acting-locally day of the week!

And actually, I bet we could work in a stop at Bakers on Broad to pick up some fresh, yummy bread. Hmmm... Food for thought :o)

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