Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Creating a monster

Last night, Jase decided to test out his newly acquired cooking skills.

We go to the newly-renovated Reliance Inn in Telford every Sunday. The owners are great, and we've gotten to know one of them, the head chef, Assou. We were sitting at the bar with friends, Jen and Doug, when Assou grabbed Jason and took him into the kitchen to whip up a "snack" of clams and mussels over linguine.

Being in the hot, happening kitchen, seems to have lit a fire (har har) under Jason because at 10:30 last night, he decided to whip up some chicken, Assou-style. That would be, in white wine, banana peppers and olive oil. That would be, creating fire in the pan. That would be, splashing wine and olive oil all over the range.

That would be... Delicious! Jason's rating was "very good, but a bit spicy. Maybe because the banana peppers were so fresh." Mikaela has no opinion, as she is a veggiesaraus.

(Side note: That would also be, one clear and one fuzzy photograph for you. Doubleyou Tee Eff?! Ugh.)

The peppers are from our garden, and the chicken (Eberly Farms in Stevens, near Lancaster) and olive oil are from our natural foods co-op.

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