Monday, June 26, 2006

What's for dinner?

Leftovers. And a fresh veggie side :o)

I heated up the zucchini casserole thingie and steamed a Blooming Glen selection of carrots, chopped kale and chopped basil. I sliced the carrots, covered and steamed them for about 10 minutes, stirred in the kale and basil, steamed a couple more minutes, mashed it all together and topped with kosher salt (from The Spice Man in Leesport, picked up at Mayfair).

In related news, our camera sucks. In taking pictures specifically for this and our JAM*home blog, we've realized that the only time we've been able to capture a crisp photograph, is outside. This particular photograph was the best of six. Six! And still, it's so bad that I'm debating the removal of it from the post. I mean, the green and red of the zucchini portion is totally missing, as is the contrast of orange and greens from the carrot side. It's just sad, really :o(

I've switched modes from auto focus to manual focus. I've turned the flash on, I've turned the flash off. I've used the macro feature, I've not used the macro feature. I've done all of these things in various combinations.

I've read the manual, people. The entire manual.

Sigh. Are we destined to endure blurry indoor photos forever? Maybe I'm missing something?

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