Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Blooming Glen Farm, by AC

At Blooming Glen this week, Avery took photographs. Tonight, we went through the pictures, and as we uploaded them to the blog, he dictated the captions. There's a lot of photos - Avery likes the camera, and took his first close-up shots :) As always, click the photos to make them larger.

This week, I was in charge of the Blooming Glen pictures for our blog. If you look down more [previous post], you will see vegetables and flowers. These vegetables and flowers are from Blooming Glen farm.

This diorama is of the house and the farm at Blooming Glen. I didn't see the name of the person who did it. Do you know who made it?

This is my mom picking tomatoes. These are tomatoes, we picked these ourselves. Tom the farmer told about the tomatoes, and showed us Black Pearl tomatoes.

This is Tom eating a cherry tomato.

The first tractor picture is a John Deere. You can tell because it's green and yellow. The yellow and red tractor was from 1952. Isn't that old? In the close up pictures, you see one that has six wired wheels that are yellow, they are for weeding the farm.

This is my dog Cinder, she is the prettiest dog in the world. Her favorite sport is baseball, her favorite color is black, she is eight years old and her favorite person is me. The other picture is the pond near the CSA. I guess it has fish, frogs, ducks and other pond animals. Dragonflies probably live there because I think they put their eggs in water.

This is the sign for the Blooming Glen Farm. This is the aisle of tomatoes. I saved this picture for last because it's my favorite!



Dori said...

Great farm entry. Reads like a "dick and jane" story. :) Tom knows good stuff when he sees it, I'd go for the tomatoes also. Cute dog!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures of a great farm. I hear a very cute little girl lives on the farm. Any pictures of her?

JAM*tacular said...

No pictures :( In fact (I assume we're speaking of Tricia and Tom's little girl), we've yet to meet her. Can you believe it?! Tomorrow is pick-up day, maybe then :)

L said...

Nice job on the pictures Avery! :-)