Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sowing the Seeds of Love

After much anticipation and hope, Jason's seed update!

This is my first year collecting seeds, hoping to germinate them for the coming season. I've labeled them so I won't have to guess what they are next season. Clever, right?

First, I started to hear my favorite songs in elevators, now I'm collecting seeds. I think I'm officially old.

So far, it's been easy to gather seeds (from various peppers, string beans and tomatoes), but I'm having difficulty discovering how to collect broccoli seeds. Any broccoli heads out there with advice? Also, any drying out and/or storage tips would be greatly appreciated.

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Dori said...

A seed collector, you are a serious garden. I've thought about that with my garden, but haven't ried it yet. One day I want to master strating my own plants though.

I noticed you have a home fixing up blog. Haha... I have a photo album of many of the fixer up projects we have done. Good time to you!