Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Pickin 'maters

During the Blooming Glen pick-up today, there was a little girl maybe about three-years-old, who just couldn't wait to go out side and "pick 'maters" with her parents. In fact, she was so excited about another week of pick-your-own cherry tomatoes, that her parents were able to leverage it as a privilege.

The little girl has tossed a plastic bottle inside the pick up area, which bounced and (very softly) tapped my sister's calf. Of course, her parents insisted that she apologize and of course, she said nothing. After giving her a couple opportunities to say sorry, dad took her out to the car for a short time out, then brought her in again for a second chance. This went on for a little while, until mom and dad decided to use the tomatoes.

"No picking 'maters until you apologize..."

She considered their words for a only a moment before deciding that not picking 'maters concerned her a great deal. Within two minutes, she said she was sorry, my sister thanked her for the apology, and she was out the door, pint basket in hand.

Ah, the power of produce. Take note parents :)

I don't have the photographs of the pick up bootie yet, but I do have these:
Left: The Blooming Glen farmers certainly understand the power of a tomato! (That's Tom.)
Right: Cherry tomatoes and hot peppers make our plates happy :) The red one is a Black Pearl, and the white (yellow) ones are A Doctor..."something" variety. I was told they were named after the doctor who discovered the seeds in a federal seed bank, but I regretfully forget her name. Maybe somebody reading knows...?


Dori said...

A big smile :o) back at you. Love the "lunch" plate.

Vegan Diva said...

Ah, the power of produce - That's hilarious :)