Thursday, August 17, 2006

Veg*n Dinner Party, Installment One

Well, lookie here. It's a collection of lovely, veggie loving, local babes!

[Kelly, I SWEAR that this was the best photo of the group, and I totally think that you look super cute and mischievous, but if you really don't like it (aka, you have no idea) then I will take it down. ]

Specifically, that's Jessica, Mikaela (that's me), Kelly Ann, Laura, Brookie (that's my seester), and Alli. Notice the front-back positioning so that we could all squeeze onto the couch. What's that? You never heard of this alleged "front back, front back" seating? Yeah, us either. Jess made it up.

So, after much chit chat, a whole lot of, "we should"s, and a bunch of "wouldn't it be cool"s, Kelly took the initiative and scheduled the first of what will be a rotating vegetarian/vegan dinner party. Fun! :D

This is what we had:

Not pretty as pictured, I know. The photo was a bit of an afterthought I'm afraid, and does not do the yummy vegan meal any justice whatsoever. That in mind, clockwise from left is: chilled cucumber dill soup, portabello-seitan hash (from Vegetarian Times, Feb. 06, p. 61), tomato basil dip with french baguettes (leftovers from Saturday), roasted apple and rutabaga, brown rice.

So. Good.

This was a landmark event for me, personally. I do not like mushrooms. Not because of the texture or the taste. I wouldn't know, as their repulsive origin repels me from letting them pass my lips.

But you see, Kelly has this power over me. She's a new-ish (less than one year) vegetarian and brand new vegan, who never - like, NEVER used to cook. Seriously. How could I not eat her freaking awesome hash? And besides that, I was uncertain about whether I would be able to make it to the dinner (football practice blows), and as the date approached she needed to make some decisions. She's really quite a lovely gal, and had she known that I was going to be able to pull off being there (thanks to a super supportive boyfriend), I know she would not have made 'shrooms the main dish.

So, I ate them. And I liked it. With wine. A lot of wine. It's amazing what one can get through with dulled senses.

Yes, the food was to-die-for, but the company? The company rocked the shit out of that hash. Note to readers: Invite actors to house parties. Jess and Alli were freaking hilarious as always. Of course, if Brooke comes to your party, your never short on conversation, and Laura is always at the ready with an opinion - and a sweet smile :)

We had such a good time:

We're hoping that this event will be a sort-of-monthly occurrence, so stay tuned for Installment Two! :)

PS: Thank you Justin, for taking a break from healing the world to take these photos. You're a good person.


Emmy said...

Oh what fun...Good food and good company always make for a great day :)

wheresmymind said...

Everyone looks so SMILEY in that last picture...good wine? ;)

Dori said...

Dear Mikaela,
I would like to come to your fun veggie potluck. I will bring food too.

:) Sounds like a wonderful time!!

JAM*tacular said...

Of course you're invited Dori. As long as you bring Dave to make us that shed ;)

Wheres, you are quite peseptive. We did enjoy quite a bit of wine with our yummy vggie foodies :D


brooke*elizabeth said...

Super awesome fun - I will be happy to host an upcoming dinner...I'm always up for food and good company :) oh yeah, and wine.

L said...

oh i'm so jealous of you guys. sigh!

mommalutz said...

Nice group shot!! I won't lie the food does not look all that appetizing, but I know from experience how wonderful it can taste. Since I've been exposed to the vegetarian food dishes, I definitely know first hand how yummy they can go girls. I'm most definitely down on the wine..:)

JAM*tacular said...

Momma Lutz - Ieuxes actually made the potabella seitan hash for you once :) It's normally served with those baked potato fans, do you remember? I substituted crumbles for the mushrooms and gave you the recipe :)

funwithyourfood said...

wow that looks like so much fun!
Hope you guys get together often :)


Urban Vegan said...

What a nice idea...

The ladies are all gorgeous--inside and out, I'm sure. See what happens when you eat your veggies?