Thursday, August 17, 2006

Brocolli Rock

Since Avery Cain announced his new vegetarian status (so excited!), we've been celebrating by preparing his favorite veggie, broccoli. Yumm!

On Monday, we had some baked barbecue-style tofu, quinoa, and a barbecue stirfry:

(I cooked the quinoa in butternut squash soup and added caribbean seasonings. For the stirfry, I fried some onions, then added broccoli and what I had in the fridge: mini yellow squash and zucchini, diced eggplant, and spinach. I put a bit of water and caribbean seasoning in the pan, covered it and steamed everything for about seven or eight minutes. To finish it all off, I added chickpeas, stirred in a bit of barbecue sauce and cooked for a couple more minutes.)

Tuesday was steamed string beans and broccoli with broccoli fillo pie, and yellow watermelon:

This meal got rave reviews from the new vegetarian. The broccoli and beans were picked right before dinner from our garden and were positively heavenly. The watermelon (from the CSA last week) was super-flavorful and deee-lish, as well. This meal was also a shining example of how well Jason, Avery and I can work together:

After work and camp, Avery and I went home, he changed into his gear for football practice and I filled his water bottle, grabbed him a snack, got myself a blanket and a magazine, and we headed up to the field. When Jase got home a little while later, he picked the broccoli and beans, put them in the pot for steaming, cut up and refrigerated the melon, started the fillo pie in the oven, and headed out to play volleyball with a friend. Avery and I got home around 8:30pm, and he hopped in the shower while I started the veggies and set the table. After we ate, Avery got ready for bed and I went upstairs to tuck him in. Jase came home shortly after and we were all able to hang out in bed and talk for a bit before Avery went to sleep.

Whew. I can't imagine if I had another child to take to a different lesson or practice. How do you mommas with multiple children do it? Super powers?

So yeah, we've been busy the last couple weeks weeks, leaving me very little time to cook (hence the quick, "convenient" foods like fillo pie). Kind of a bummer, but hopefully things will settle down once school starts (and football practice goes from four nights a week to two).


wheresmymind said...

Yellow watermelon?? Very cool! I'd still want to make a 'rita outta that ;)

Emmy said...

That's terrific your son has decided to go veg! Yeah :)

The quinoa sounds totally delish how you prepared it.

Oh man, I haven't found yellow watermelon this year. It's so good. Once again I'm jealous :P

Dori said...

I am impressed with the yellow watermelon also, but I have to say the mixed veggies dish is the most appealing to me. I remember the run out the door to the sports practice/ event days. I don't really miss them.

elizalou said...

If that's what you get done with "very little time to cook", I'm super impressed! Everything you've got on here looks so good. . . care to stay at my house for a while?

And I'm so happy your magazine was that Sun instead of this one !

Jenn said...

looks amazing lady.

JAM*tacular said...

Yay, yellow watermelon! wheres, I'm totally coming down to tast test that 'rita. Seriously.

emmy, I used this broth: which is organic and vegan (even though it's "creamy").

Dori: So, you have multiple kids... Did you get super powers with them? ;)

Glad you approve, eliza :) It's a great magazine (my favorite, actually).

Vicki said...

I'm still so impressed that Avery decided to go vegetarian! No wonder, his food looks delicious. I like how you cooked the quinoa in butternut squash soup.
Have I mentioned that I really enjoy your blog? Well, I do! :o)