Sunday, August 27, 2006

Breakfast Fave

My new breakfast fave is 99% local, 99% vegan and 100% dang good!

And yes, I'm still working on that rating system :P

So, over there you see Bakers on Broad complet bread toasted and spread with just a bit of Earth Balance, a phenomenally delicious Blooming Glen tomato, fresh Blooming Glen green onions and basil, and our own garden chives.



wheresmymind said...

Do you eat the tomato stem as well ;)

JAM*tacular said...

No... but I do bite off all the tomato meat around it. Seriously, these local organic tomatoes freaking rock. I can't imagine wasting even one little nibble :)


Emmy said...

Yum! Yum! Yum!!!! I think it's awesome how you try to eat locally grown foods. My mom's godson opened a veg restaurant/market in Portland, OR and providing local produce and preparing foods with local ingredients is one of the main philosophies there. ( Reading your blog always reminds me of those principals.

Crystal & Ryan - Café Cyan said...

looks so good!! Do you eat it as an open faced sandwich or everything separate? Just curious. I love tomatoes, but have a hard time eating them plain.


Jenn said...

looks very yummy - where's the cheese ;)

kellyann said...

why only 99% vegan?

JAM*tacular said...

Emmy, that is so cool :) I'm on his site now. Local is just as important to me as veg*n - which proves to be quite difficult at times. Where, exactly, is TVP "grown"? ;)


JAM*tacular said...
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JAM*tacular said...

K, I'm always afraid of saying, "100% vegan." Everyone’s got their definition; some wouldn't consider a meal vegan unless it was from all organic ingredients, for instance. Maybe I should get over it? I just don’t want to offend :)

(FYI, b/c I know you’ll love it :) the bread ingredients are: OG Quinoa, OG Spelt, OG Amaranth, OG Millet, brown rice, OG white flour, whole wheat flour, yeast, salt, vitamin C powder.)

:) M.